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May 9, 2002 Rector Lowy hosts the Millennium Circle



Carolyn Renaud, Leslie Bronstetter, David Crevier

Carolyn Renaud, Leslie Bronstetter and David Crevier at the dinner.

The top donors to the university, those who contribute $20,000 or more per year, were guests of Rector Frederick Lowy at his residence on Docteur-Penfield Ave. on April 23.

It was a pleasant evening, with live background music and maquettes and architects’ drawings of the new buildings on display.

As well as recognizing these donors, the occasion provided an opportunity for the Rector pass on news about Concordia. He spoke briefly about the new buildings, but at length about the increased research support that the university is receiving for projects such as the digital-art facility Hexagram.

Chancellor Eric Molson added news of the $97-million grant from the government, and the further good news that Dr. Lowy will complete a full second term as rector at the request of the Board to see this construction project through.

The members of the Millennium Circle are:

William W. Ashby • David & Stephanie Azrieli • Francesco Bellini • George Bibby • G. Drummond Birks • Bruce R. Birmingham • Lawrence S. Bloomberg • Alan Broadbent • Andrea & Charles Bronfman • Albert R. Carbone • David Crevier & Leslie Bronstetter • Wayne Deans • André Desmarais • John Dobson • Jane H. Dunn • Leonard & Bina Ellen • Nathan Gilbert • Norman Hébert Sr. • Erin Hogg • E. Leo Kolber • Luigi Liberatore • Edith Low-Beer • Eric & Jane Molson • Jeremy Reitman • Richard & Carolyn Renaud • Miriam J. Roland • Lino Saputo • Arnold & Blema Steinberg • Liliane Stewart • William I.M. Turner • Sebastian van Berkom • A. Karel Velan • Ivan C. Velan • Ben Weider • Jonathan & Susan Wener • John Xanthoudakis