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March 28, 2002 Pretty spiffy fibres at the end-of-the-year Studio Arts show



Fibres students

Isabelle Chapman (Art History/Studio Arts), Zoë Kreye (Studio Arts), Lara Markin (Fibres), Amy Drover (Studio Arts) at the tea party held last Saturday at their show.

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Photo by Andrew Dobrowolskyj

is the name students in the Fibres unit of Studio Arts chose for their end-of-year show, in progress at Espace 306 until Saturday.

Amy Drover, head of the Fibres Student Association, says the campy name “came from the fact that we always seem to have difficulty finding titles for our shows, especially when the work is quite diverse, and often selected by a jury, and sometimes we don’t even know what the work will be.

“Coming up with a title always seems to be a difficult task, so we wanted something that would be different, and fun, and broad, without trying to put all the work under one idea.”

What you’ll see in this show ranges from paper-based works to weavings to a few pieces using embroidery, Drover said. “There are different garments, including a skirt made of women’s cotton underwear (by Emily Birnbaum). One artist embroidered a pair of overalls according to the paint splotches and stains on her grandfather’s overalls, which are shown side-by-side (Amanda Cockell).

“Laura Moore’s work, a large felt piece that looks like a brick wall, is so soft to touch!

“Audrey Lavallée’s piece incorporates performance. She sits in the gallery for approximately four hours a day, working on a large coil basket-like form that is wrapped with a soft, pink mohair yarn. When she is not in the gallery, the piece sits next to her stool and materials. It’s quite a stunning object!

“My work is a series of photos that were taken from a digital video of small finger-puppets that I knitted based on real people, myself and a few friends. And the puppets are in the gallery for playing with, as well.”

Spiffy continues until Saturday. Gallery hours are Tuesday to Saturday, noon to 6 pm. Espace 306 is in the Belgo Building, 372 St. Catherine St. W.