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May 23, 2002 In Brief



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Photo by Andrew Dobrowolskyj

Cheers to our mathematicians!

This year, for the first time, the Institut des sciences mathématiques conference for graduate students in mathematics was held at Concordia. The four students who organized it celebrated at the opening wine and cheese reception. Left to right are Kengatharam Santhar, Wael Bahsown, Manuel Morales, with Kristina Loeschner in front.


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Ecopavilion wins top dislapy prize at SIDIM

Every spring, Quebec’s best designers participate in SIDIM, the Salon international du design d’intérieur de Montréal, and for the past four years, Concordia’s Department of Design Art has participated in the student category, winning awards every time. Last month, three design students won $500 bursaries for the quality of their ecodesign projects.

Bruno Guindon won a prize for his clocks, made with recuperated hard disks, Léonor Leclair took a prize for her ambient lights made with paper rolls, and Malin Holmquist won for her swing made with re-used bicycle rims.

Moreover, the award for best exhibition display was given to the Ecodesign Pavilion (seen in the photo at left). It’s a metal structure made from a “tempo” winter shelter for cars. The concept uses neon lights to express the idea of a greenhouse.

It was designed by a group that included Concordia students Jason Shatilla and Karine Savard, two students from UQAM and two from the Université de Montréal. This successful inter-university design team was coordinated by Assistant Professor Martin Racine. The projects are now on view at the VAV Gallery.

Staff hockey players help out

A group of staff members who play hockey every Friday at the Loyola rink took an end-of- season collection that raised $500 for a fellow staff member. Young Massimo Fiorilli, the son of John Fiorilli who works in the bookstore, was stricken with a still-undiagnosed condition at age 4. Successive seizures have left him, at age 11, unable to speak, walk or attend school. The only treatment that has helped his condition is hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments, an experimental therapy used for various brain injuries.

There are substantial travel and treatment costs involved in the therapy that are being footed by Massimo’s family with the help of a legion of friends and volunteers. Funding activities have included the Massimo Fiorelli Golf Tournament, which has run for the past three years.

Anyone wishing to know more about Massimo can log onto his Web site at http://www.massimofiorilli.com/ or contact John Fiorilli at 848-3630.

Recruitment unit is evolving

After June 15, the Recruitment unit will report to the Vice-Rector, Services, and Richard Diubaldo will finish his mandate as director. The recruitment function is being redesigned as part of the overall enrolment management initiative currently underway.

Vice-Rector Services Michael Di Grappa wishes to thank Richard and his team for the excellent work that has been accomplished over the past two years, including more than 600 campus tours with close to 5,000 visitors conducted over two years through the Welcome Centre, and the building of contacts with CEGEP counsellors. The efforts of the Recruitment Office have contributed to record applications and an enrolment increase unique in Quebec.