Concordia's Thursday Report Online  
    Volume 26, No. 9, January 24, 2002  


This photo of Lynda Clarke was removed at the explicit request of the subject, August 31, 2004

Jim Pfaus
Anna Woodrow

Universities confront plagiarism

Professor Lynda Clarke gives her students strong support.


Jim Pfaus may change the world of sex

Psychology researcher is riding the wave of his rapid rise to fame.

Sociologist did research in a comedy club

Anna Woodrow wrote her PhD dissertation on laughing and stand-up comedy.
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  Developed countries ducking responsibility for refugees: Nash Senate Notes
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  German team takes gold at our MBA case, Concordia wins at McMaster’s
  Big strides for computational chemists, biochemists: symposium
  Chemists look forward to real-world equipment in science complex


  Student activities around campus — science, theatre and art
  Anjali Agarwal develops new, user-friendly Net services
  Mary Ellen Davis brings Guatemalan slaughter to film  
  Artists look at what’s real in art and the real world  
  Professor fights plagiarism with zero tolerance, strong support  
  Hockey squad back in the hunt: Stingers bring home the Corey Cup  
  Gunning for top spot: Women’s hockey team is on a roll  
  Sweater retired: Hockey star, alumnus Jim Corsi