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April 25, 2002 Letters



Continuing Education left out, says student

I recently received a copy of the Rector’s Report 2000-01 with my Gazette newspaper. I was most pleased to see that Concordia University is taking bold steps in its academic planning and that its future success will be assured through innovative programming and new facilities.

As one of the many thousands of students registered at Concordia’s Centre for Continuing Education, I was somewhat disheartened to find no mention of the Centre’s activities in the Report. In fact, students such as myself are not even included in your registration statistics for the University.

I am in the process of completing an MIS certificate and will have invested over $2,450 in tuition and 16 months of time at the Centre for Continuing Education. The Centre makes an important contribution to the University and surely my commitment and those of all my fellow students who have chosen to study there should at least be counted.

J. Douglas Wong, Continuing Education student

Laurie Zack, Director, Internal Relations and Communications, replies:
Point well taken. Concordia’s Continuing Education provides professional and career training that has enabled thousands of students to acquire better jobs or prepare for credit study at Concordia. It has also contributed generously to Concordia on a financial level. We have mentioned Continuing Education in past issues of the Rector’s Report, but, unfortunately, not in this one. Next year, we will include statistics on Continuing Education enrolment in the At-a-Glance section, as well as include it in the body of the Report.

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