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April 11, 2002 Top engineering students, faculty and staff honoured at banquet



The Engineering and Computer Science Students Association (ECA) held their annual awards banquet on March 5.

The following students were given awards for excelling in their department: Jeff Moffat (Building, Civil/Environmental), Carlo Petrone (Mechanical/Industrial), Hakan Kilic (Electrical/Computer), Jonathan Kopanas (Computer Science). Three undergraduates won Faculty-wide awards: Shi Qiao Yu, Sudeep Mathew and Tyson Clinton. Sudeep also won an award for being “Most Involved Year Round.”

Three university staff were honoured for their helpfulness to students: Rocco Lombardo, who is a technician in Building/Civil/Environmental, Marc Bourcier, Communications Coordinator in the dean’s office, and Nancy Curran (Conference Services).

Two faculty members won awards from the students. Professor Ibrahim Hassan was given an award for his teaching, and Professor Peter Grogono for his contribution to student life.

There were other awards, some lighthearted, including the “Spotlight Award,” which went to ECA president Mike Nimchuk, and “Most Presence In ECA 2001 Yearbook,” which went to Pierre Said, who reportedly popped up on almost every page.

Congratulations to the winning students, faculty and staff.