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International college proposed for Loyola

by Barbara Black

The Loyola College Planning Committee has come up with a bold idea for the sleepy west-end campus: a college of the humanities and social sciences aimed at the international market.

The committee, which has been active since January, presented its report to Arts and Science Faculty Council last week. It was approved in principle, and the committee was encouraged to continue its work.

The new institution, to be called Loyola International College, is described as "a secular undergraduate college with residential facilities."

It would offer three academic programs: a program for "Loyola Scholars," who would take a core curriculum plus an honours program of their choice; a "foundation-year" program to provide students from outside Quebec with CEGEP equivalency; and a cluster of general-education courses known as the "21st century program."

The College's activities would be built around a revitalized Hingston Hall, which would include residential space for up to 100 students, a dining hall, lounge space, reading and common rooms, two technologically equipped classrooms, a conference/seminar room, and office space. Built in the 1960s, Hingston Hall is already slated for a major overhaul.

The report stresses that another element of the space plan, the move of the natural science departments to Loyola and the construction of a new science building, should proceed as quickly as possible, and that a broad range of elective courses must be provided on the Loyola campus for students who are based there.

The College would have some resident professors, as well as others who would split their commitment to the College with their departments. The framers of the report are confident that with energetic international recruiting, the college would soon start to pay its own way. (Arts and Science recently voted to privatize its fees for international students.)

The members of the committee are Dean Martin Singer (chair), Pamela Bright (Theology), William Bukowski (Psychology), William Byers (Lonergan College/Mathematics), Alex Carpini (Board of Governors), John Drysdale (Sociology and Anthropology) and Rosemarie Schade (History).

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