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Chemists and biochemists enjoy academic contest

chemistryThirty young scholars from four Quebec universities presented their work at a Chemistry and Biochemistry Graduate Research Conference at Concordia on May 14.

Graduate students from Universitˇ Laval, McGill University, Universitˇ de Montrˇal and Concordia University gathered in the atrium of the J.W. McConnell Building to share their work with one another and have a little friendly competition. Here are the results:

The Wyeth Ayerst Award for Outstanding Performance in the chemistry oral presentation category was presented to Evelyn Martins from McGill University by Dr. James Farina (Wyeth Ayerst, Rouses Point, USA).

The Merck Frosst Award for Outstanding Performance in the biology and biochemistry oral presentation category was awarded to Christina Esposito from Concordia University. It was presented by Professor Ann English, of Concordia.

The Fisher Scientific Award for outstanding performance in the biology and biochemistry poster presentation category was awarded to Frˇdˇric Vaillancourt (Universitˇ Laval) and Pascale Gaudet (Concordia), by Concordia's Miriam Posner.

The Cedarlane Laboratories Ltd. Award for outstanding performance in the chemistry poster category was presented by Susan Gater (Cedarlane Laboratories Ltd., Toronto) to Hugo Bˇlisle from Universitˇ de Montrˇal.

The People's Choice Award for an oral presentation was awarded to Angelo Filosa, and the People's Choice Award for a poster presentation was awarded to Tania D'Alesio. Both are from Concordia University, and the award was presented by Professor John Capobianco.

The organizing committee of graduate students comprised Angelo Filosa, Delna Ghadiali, Michael Harvey, Araz Jakalian, Fouad Karam, Donald Paquette and Isabelle Turner.

They would like to thank all their internal sponsors and those from industry, including Merck Frosst Canada Inc., Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd./Bio-Mˇga Research Division, Hoescht Marion Roussel Inc., Wyeth Ayerst Research, Cedarlane Laboratories Ltd., Fisher Scientific and the Canadian Society for Chemistry.

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