Thank you to these employees for their long service to Concordia



Muriel Herrington (Biology)

Chair of the Board of Governors Lillian Vineberg talks to Professor Charles Ellison, as Vladimir Pavilicik and Matthi Terho look on.


Jacqueline Anderson (Geography)



Geoffrey Fidler (Liberal Arts College)


Elizabeth Sacca with Chancellor Eric Molson



Elizabeth Saccá with Chancellor Eric Molson

20 years

Philip C. Abrami

Liselyn Adams

Gerry Barrette

Dorothy Bathelt

Jean Belisle

Sylvia Benedetti

Donald Boisvert

Craig Buchanan

Philip Chambers

William Charles Ellison

Jayne Claassen

Manuel Da Costa

Michel Daigneault

Pauline Dubois

Antonio Escaleira

Assunta Fargnoli

Santina Fazio

James F. Gavin

Anita Grants

Kathryn Griffin

Ashoka Harichandan

Eldon Hill

Ciaran Hopkins

Manmohan Rai Kapoor

Barbara Leonowicz

Vincent J. MacDougall

Robert M. MacIver

Elena Marsillo

Frank Maselli

Larry McGoldrick

Nikos Metallinos

Eric J. Mongerson

Halina Monkiewicz

Jennifer Moore

Marjorie A. Morton

Khammo Oudomvilay

Anna Pagliuca

Maria-Clara Paradisis

Susan Parisella

Vladimir Pavlicik

Michel Pelletier

Hormoz B. Poorooshasb

Janice Robinson

Mary J. Scott

James L. Scribner

Devendra Sharma

Rajjan Shinghal

Diane Sole

Cathy Sowden

Terence Too

Lorraine A. Toscano

Linda Toy

Lorraine Tucker

Jurgen H. Werth

Eudene Whittaker

Patricia Helen Winston

Barbara C. Woodside


25 years

Robert S. Aiken

Vangalur S. Alagar

Ralph Allison

Jacqueline Anderson

Ratna Banerjee

Richard P. Bisaillon

Virginia Bowker

Pansy Brown

Diane Browne

Kevin G. Callaghan

Maureen Doheny

Geoffrey C. Fidler

Frederick Francis

Averil Gagnon

Denis Gauthier

Patricia J. Grant

Wagdi G. Habashi

Jane Hackett

Muriel Herrington

Marilyn Howell

Lucille Hreha

Syed Afzal Hussain

Mary Judith Kornblatt

Wendy Knechtel

Mark Kwiatkowski

Clement W.H. Lam

Claude Lamarche

Yves Lanneville

Loren Ruth Lerner

Patsy Martin Lightbown

Linda R. MacDonald

Deborah MacFadden

Elizabeth MacLean

Edward John Maly

Karen Mullett

Alexander R. Olynyk

Diane Pagnuelo

Alfonsina Plenzich

William D. Raso

Elizabeth J. Saccà

Murielle Salari

Peter Seraganian

V. Alex Sharma

Mahesh Sharma

Peter Shizgal

Thomas Simms

Gerald S. Vardon

Frances E. Weller


30 years

Arthur Ayotte

Frederick A. Bode

Lise Brault

Leonard Campeau

Ulrike De Brentani

Judith Herz

Joel Hillel

Sandra Lafontaine

Zeng-Rung Liu

Dennis Murphy

Rafik Neemeh

Harald W. Proppe

Amruthur Ramamurthy

Robert Raphael

Robert M. Roy

Matthew Seebruch

Harvey Shulman

Oswald S. Tee

Heather Thibaudeau

Marcelle Trotman

Mary Vipond


35 years

Tannis Y. Arbuckle-Maag

June S. Chaikelson

Michel Despland

Barry Frank

Nancy Marrelli

Balbir S. Sahni

Irene Sendek


36 years

Frank R. Chalk

Richard Cronin

James C. Hayes

Lynne C. Prendergast

Manfred E.F. Szabo


37 years

Shafiq A. Alvi

Malcolm B. Foster

Pierre Parc

Brian Slack

Tariq Srivastava

Jane Stewart


38 years

Michael Brian

Kalman Krakow

Graham Martin

Stephen J. Scheinberg

Ramesh C. Sharma


Concordia also wishes the following employees a happy early retirement:

Suzanne Belson

Valerie Berry

Cecil Blackette

William Brender

Pierre Brunet

Josie Christensen

Michel Daigneault

Arthur Dias

Wesley Fitch

Vivien Freedman

Lauraine Gagnon

Magda Haddad

Brian Hawker

Harry Hill

Margaret MacPherson

Linda McDonald

Eleanor Morris

Peter Page

Peter Paquet

Eric Parsons

Edward Pechter

Donald Richard

Maureen Schrotter

Jurg Seeger

Matti Terho

Larry Thiel

Robert Weeks

Marilyn Wilson




Long, long service was based on a whim


Veterans compared their war wounds and generally had fun reminiscing at the annual celebration of long service, held May 10 at the University Club.

Art Education Professor Elizabeth J. Saccá, one of the "class of 1974," proposed a toast to Concordia in which she said that her decision to come here was based on falling in love with Montreal -- seeing a beautifully displayed crate of oranges outside Dionne's, the upscale grocery emporium that was once on Ste. Catherine St., in the heart of downtown.

"It was at that moment that I decided if they offer me the job, I'll take it," she said. "Concordia was open, new and struggling. It was an open, wild, disorganized place."

To give a little historical perspective, Saccá gave her own timeline. For those employees who started in 1980, "The postmaster said the 17-cent postage stamp would definitely go up." For those who started in 1975, Mirabel Airport opened, and the Canadian dollar was stronger than the U.S. dollar "for the last time."

Those who started working at Loyola and Sir George in 1970 would remember how the FLQ Crisis dominated the news, and those who arrived at Loyola and Sir George in 1965 would recall that the Henry F. Hall Building and the Montreal métro opened that year, on the same day.

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