Work orders to the Maximo

Burnt-out lights, sluggish drains, heating and ventilation problems will soon be handled by Physical Resources through a new computerized maintenance management system called Maximo.

It is compatible with the university's financial system, Banner, and one of its main features is its capacity to supply automatic feedback to the service requestor via e-mail. Maximo will provide the requestor with an automatic acknowledgement of the work order number, as well as a notice of work order completion via the requestor's e-mail address. Requestors will also be able to enter their work requests via Maximo's Web page.

Claudie Boujaklian, Manager of Customer Service, says that Maximo will be implemented in two phases. First, they will start registering the calls, and in phase 2, they will incorporate the automatic feedback via e-mail and the Web page. She suggests that employees continue to call the Service Centre Hot Line at 848_2400 for all work requests. For requests about departmental needs such as repair on special equipment in labs and research areas, food service areas and office furniture, requests should be mailed, faxed or hand-delivered to GM-1100.

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