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Members of the Board of Governors

Members of Concordia's Board of Governors were saddened to hear this week of the death of their longtime chair, Reginald K. Groome.

Administrative representatives: Frederick Lowy, Rector and Vice-Chancellor; Eric H. Molson, Chancellor

Faculty representatives: Steven Appelbaum, William Byers, June Chaikelson, Terrill Fancott, Elizabeth Saccá

Student representatives: Deepak Boojhawan, Rob Green, Chris Piché, Martin Kapuskianyk

Staff representative: (vacant)

Alumni representatives: Barbara Barclay, Alexander J. Carpini, Nicole Fauré

Representing the community at large: Francesco Bellini, Alain Benedetti, Charles G. Cavell, Rita Lc de Santis, Marianne Donaldson, Leonard Ellen, Leo Goldfarb, Ned Goodman, George M. Hanna, Peter Howlett, Paul Ivanier, Paul T. Kefalas, Ronald Lawless, Christine C. Lengvari, Hazel Mah, Sr. Eileen McIlwaine, L. Jacques Ménard, John Parisella (Vice-Chair), Richard Renaud (Vice-Chair), Miriam Roland, Lillian Vineberg (Vice-Chair), Jonathan Wener

Non-members with speaking privileges: Charles Emond, Vice-Rector, Services; Marcel Danis, Vice-Rector, Institutional Relations, and Secretary-General; Larry English, Chief Financial Officer; Jack Lightstone, Provost and Vice-Rector, Research

Observer: Pierre Frégeau, Legal Information Services

Secretary: Amely Jurgenliemk

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