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At a Glance

This column welcomes the submissions of all Concordia faculty and staff to promote and encourage individual and group activities in teaching and research, and to encourage work-related achievements.

Michael D. Oppenheim (Religion) delivered the Rabbi Dr. Harry Joshua Stern Memorial at Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom, in Westmount, in May. The topic was "Can There be a Judaism Without God?" Co-chairs for this annual lecture are Brahms E. Silver (BA 63, MA 96) and Vivianne M. Silver (BA 64).

Rosemary Reilly (Education) did a workshop on teamwork and communication for the Central Parents Committee of the newly constituted English School Board of Montreal. A poster she did with Miranda D'Amico was presented at the Canadian Psychological Association, and published in the Canadian Guidance Counsellor Association Feminist Network Newsletter. The topic was on the role of mentoring in the career choice of women survivors of violence.

David Pariser (Art Education) will receive support for a research project titled "A Cross-Cultural Study of the Development and Assessment of Artistic Giftedness." The Esther Katz Rosen Foundation for the Study of Gifted Children supports the project, put together by Susan Rostan (Hofstra University), Pariser and Gruber (Teachers College, NYU). The Rosen award is administered by the American Psychological Foundation.

Claudette Fortier (International Students Office) and Frederick Francis (Centre for International Academic Co-operation) attended the 1999 NAFSA Association for International Educators Conference held in Denver, Colorado, in May. Francis chaired a session on relations between Canada/Quebec, Mexico and the U.S. For the second year, the Quebec ministries of international relations and education (MEQ/MRI) gave financial and organizational support to the conference, which was attended by about 5,000 people from around the world. Concordia has offered to host a future NAFSA conference, perhaps as early as 2003.

A paper by geologist Judith Patterson (Geography), "Towards a Generalized Predictive Model for Annual Aircraft Emissions at Airports," was published in the conference proceedings of the annual Canadian Transport Research Forum meeting, held in Montreal May 16-19, 1999. She also was an invited speaker on the panel, After Kyoto: Assuming Responsibility for Greenhouse Gas Emissions, chaired by Johanne Gélinas of the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy.

Gregory Butler (Computer Science) was a member of a panel discussing "Object Technology and Systematic Reuse" at the 13th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, held June 14-18 in Lisbon, Portugal. He presented his work on framework development and evolution. He gave an invited talk on "Database technology for pathways" at a workshop on Computation of Biochemical Pathways and Genetic Networks, hosted by the European Media Lab in Heidelberg, Germany. Butler is a member of the program committee for the upcoming conference on Langages et Modèles à Objets in Mont Saint-Hilaire next January.

Cultural theorists Arthur Kroker (Political Science) and Marilouise Kroker were featured speakers at a webcast on September 9 out of Toronto. They were interactive narrators before a live audience of Lewis Cohen's documentary film Road Stories for the Flesh Eating Future. The Krokers, editors of the electronic journal C-Theory and a number of books, presented one work called The Digital Eye, and another piece called Screaming Eagle. The webcast can be viewed at The film was broadcast on CBC Newsworld's The Passionate Eye last week, and received favourable attention from the critics.

Best wishes to Abolhassan Jalilvand, who has left Concordia after nearly 20 years as a Finance professor and administrator to become dean of the Faculty of Management at Dalhousie University, in Halifax.

Best wishes to Vishwanath Baba, who has left Concordia to become dean of the Michael G. DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University, in Hamilton.

Congratulations to Gail Valaskakis, former Dean of Arts and Science and Professor of Communication Studies. She has been named director of research for the Aboriginal Healing Foundation, the federal government's response to the Royal Commission on Aboriginal People. The Foundation is based in Ottawa.

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