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In brief

Order texts from your desk

The Bookstore is launching a new online textbook ordering system aimed, in its first stage, at making life easier for faculty and departmental co-ordinators.

Director Lina Lipscombe and her staff have invited these potential users to a demonstration of the system, which contains a database of more than 700,000 titles, in the DeSève Cinema on Monday morning.

Lipscombe said that this is only the beginning of the Bookstore's version of electronic commerce. In a few months, students should be able to order textbooks online. The final stage will be to make the Bookstore's catalogue of memorabilia, such as mugs and sweatshirts, available to worldwide users of the Internet.

Employee handbook

The Department of Human Resources and Employee Relations has just published and distributed a revised version of Welcome to Concordia. It's the second edition of the handbook first printed in 1993 to present the advantages of being a member of the Concordia community.

Due to the accessibility of information on the Web, only one copy was distributed to each department, and copies will also be given to new employees at their induction. However, if you would like a hard copy, please contact Carmelita Swann at 848-3668 or via e-mail at

The information contained in the handbook may also be readily accessed on Concordia's Web page at:

Wine and scholarships

About 75 people enjoyed an evening of wine-tasting and talk at the studio of Yves Gaucher, well-known artist, oenophile and longtime art teacher at Concordia.

The event was Artstravaganza, held every June in the Faculty of Fine Arts to raise money for student scholarships.

The Mountain is Moving

Professor Emerita Patricia Morley has written a book called The Mountain is Moving: Japanese Women's Lives. She will read at the Double Hook bookstore, 1235A Greene Ave., on September 27, and at the Simone de Beauvoir Institute, 2170 Bishop St., at noon on September 28. Morley is a lifelong honorary member of the women's studies centre.

Visiting the U.K.?

If you are a faculty member planning to visit the United Kingdom or spend a sabbatical there, the Academic Relations Unit of the Canadian High Commission would like to hear from you.

The Unit promotes teaching, research and publication about Canada in the U.K. Together with the British Association for Canadian Studies, they offer speaking and other opportunities for visiting Canadian academics, and contact with more than 300 Canadianists in nearly 100 U.K. universities.

Please contact Michael Hellyer, Academic Relations Officer, Canadian High Commission, Canada House, Trafalgar Square, London SW1Y 5BJ, or michael.hellyer

A really long read

Twenty-five years' worth of the deliberations of the University's two senior policy-making bodies are now available on the Web, thanks to Archives.

The minutes of meetings of the Board of Governors and the University Senate from the beginning of Concordia (August 1974) to the present are available for consultation at: http://archives3. and http://archives3.concordia. ca/bgov/minutes.htm

A project is also under way to include a searchable database of resolutions by subject. Supporting documents are available for consultation in the Archives, on the 10th floor of the Henry F. Hall Building.


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