April 23,1998

A message from the Recycling Coordinator

Fold your boxes

Did you know that for every ton of paper and/or cardboard recycled, 17 mature trees are saved? A cardboard box recovery program has been semi-operational at the University since the middle of last term.

Staff from the West Island Readaptation Centre (WIRC) are responsible for collecting most of Concordia's paper recyclables. A special storage area in the Henry F. Hall Building basement was constructed for this purpose.

However, the WIRC staff are not allowed to collect unfolded boxes because they may contain exam papers or other important material.

Kindly fold the boxes you wish to recycle and place them near a paper recycling bin; it would greatly assist the integrity of the program, reduce waste-disposal costs and help the environment by reducing the waste that goes to a landfill site.

Folded boxes should be placed behind the nearest round blue recycling container. If you are not sure of the nearest location, or if you have any comments or questions, feel free to call John Purkis, Concordia Recycling Coordinator, 848-7351, or by e-mail, recycle@alcor.concordia.ca

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