April 23,1998

ECSCSL awards

The Engineering and Computer Science Council on Student Life (ECSCSL) presented awards for contributions to student life at the Grad Ball, a dinner-dance held on March 31, at which 148 engineers received their iron rings.

Our congratulations to the winners.

Awards to staff: Sophie Merineau, Undergraduates Secretary in Mechanical Engineering and CONCOM, and John Elliott, Technical Officer and Lab Coordinator, also in Mechanical.

Awards to graduate students: Majit Ahmadi and Ali Noorzad

Awards to undergraduates: Phylroy Lopez, Bojana Kolbah and Mauro Franco.

Awards to students by Faculty: Antoine Basbous (Civil), Angi Athina Lappos (Computer Science), Chrystian Cloutier-Roy (Electrical), Giuseppe Zaccagnino (Industrial)
and Micheline Ammar (Mech-

Honoraria for their contributions to the Faculty over many years were presented to retiring professor Tadeusz Krepec, who for many years oversaw student projects in alternative-fuel vehicles, and to Leslie Becskei, Coordinator of Academic Programs.

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