April 23,1998

Capital Campaign continues to win good friends

Some of Concordia's strongest supporters are bringing in million-dollar donations to the University's Capital Campaign. Only last week, philanthropist Leonard Ellen, who gave his name to Concordia's art gallery, secured a $1-million gift from one friend, and another major pledge from a second.

It's a phenomenon Campaign Executive Vice-Chair Donat Taddeo has seen with increasing frequency in recent months, as the $55-million campaign approaches its goal. Not only are people of means jumping on board with large donations, but far more than the usual number of former students have been turning out for alumni events.

"I can't get over the enthusiasm people show," Taddeo said. "Since September, our volunteers have made a concerted effort to reach alumni, particularly. Some employees who took early retirement have been hired by the Campaign, along with students, to get on the phones. It's a very cost-effective way of reaching a lot of people and winning them over."

Many of these alumni have moved to the Toronto area, and the Campaign recently held three events there which drew different kinds of audiences, all large. Everyone seemed delighted to be associated once again with their alma mater.

The first was a breakfast in the heart of Bay St. late in January, aimed at Commerce alumni and addressed by a federal cabinet minister.

Another was a family-oriented visit on February 28 to the Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame. That event was organized around the fact that Campaign Chair Ron Corey is the president of the Montreal Canadiens. It drew a cheering throng of youngsters and their families to meet hockey heroes Frank Mahovlich, Dicky Moore, Ken Dryden and Steve Shutt.

The third Toronto event was the final season taping on April 9 of the hugely popular satirical CBC television show, The Royal Canadian Air Farce, which attracted an overflow crowd of 410 people to the studio, and required some last-minute ingenuity to fit them all in.

The University also continues to cultivate relationships with far-flung alumni across the miles.

This week, Taddeo and Alumni Affairs Director Ann Vroom were in Calgary, where Petro-Canada CEO James M. Stanford (Loyola BSc 58) has helped to organize a reception in the company's headquarters, and Vancouver, where prominent lawyer Frank Borowicz (Loyola BA 69) was host at another event. Now they are on an exploratory visit to Los Angeles -- probably the first time an official Concordia delegation has been to the California metropolis.

Tomorrow, Rector Frederick Lowy and Advancement Director Chris Hyde fly to Hong Kong, where they spent several busy days last fall. They will visit key alumni and continue to encourage Concordia's lively alumni chapter there. The Rector will continue on to China. - BB

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