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Fast response to stranded students

When The Gazette published a story on October 16 about how a local language school had gone bankrupt, Rector Frederick Lowy and Provost Jack Lightstone contacted the Centre for Continuing Education, and Assistant Director Murray Sang went into action.

He consulted with Maureen Habib and Charlie Brown, of the Centre's Language Institute, and wrote to the IPO Language School's bankruptcy trustee, offering relief for the students.

"We were saddened to see that these visiting students were now stranded, and outraged that they had lost thousands of dollars of tuition," Sang said in his October 16 letter.

"Our centre runs one of the finest language institutes in the country, which attracts students from all over the world and has been doing so for the last 25 years.

"We would be pleased and proud to assist [up to 20] of these students by welcoming them to the balance of our fall session. They would join our intensive English language course for the remaining five weeks at no charge."

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