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At a Glance

Compiled by Barbara Black

This column welcomes the submissions of all Concordia faculty and staff to promote and encourage individual and group activities in teaching and research, and to encourage work-related achievements.

Congratulations to John Fiset, recently retired from the Institute for Co-operative Education, who was awarded the Albert S. Barber Award by the Canadian Association for Co-operative Education at its biannual conference in St. John's. The Barber Award is the highest award in the field in Canada, and is rarely presented. It is named for Albert S. Barber, one of the founders of the co-op concept, in which periods of study alternate with periods of relevant work. The award recognizes not only Fiset's work at Concordia (18 years of 100-per-cent placement) but also his work on the provincial and national scene.

Anthony Synnott (Sociology and Anthropology) gave a paper at the British Sociological Association meetings in Edinburgh called "Men: Villains, Victims or Heroes?" His book The Body Social has just appeared in a Japanese edition.

An article by Roksana Nazneed (Sociology and Anthropology), "A Half Step Back: Revival of Purdah in Bangladesh," was published in Labour, Capital and Society.

Lucie Lequin (Études françaises) est allée au Japon donner une communication sur la littérature. Elle est invitée pour une mission organisée par l'Association des études françaises, et participait à un colloque organisé par le Japanese Association for Canadian Studies à Osaka.

M.N.S. Swamy (Electrical and Computer Engineering) was in India for five weeks this summer as a TOKTEN (Transfer of Knowledge Through Expatriate Nationals) expert under the UNDP (United Nations Development Program) scheme. During this period, he was associated with the Electronic and Radar Development Establishment, Bangalore, and gave a series of lectures on multidimensional signal processing and its applications to radar signal processing and communications.

Bram Freedman (Legal Counsel) has been elected to the Board of Directors of Jewish Family Services of the Baron de Hirsch Institute. He continues to serve as Chair of the Board of Directors of CLSC Métro, as well as a member of the Board of Directors of the McGill Alumni Association.

Ragaï Ibrahim, Professor Emeritus of Biology, received the Groupe Polyphénols (Phytochemical Society of France) Medal during its 19th biannual conference, which was held in Lille, for his contributions to the field of plant biochemistry and for his services to the Society. At a ceremony at city hall, the mayor awarded him the Medal of the City of Lille.

Karin Doerr (CMLL, German section) conducted a seminar on "The Use of Language During the Nazi Period and Beyond" for the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies, here at Concordia, in May, and gave a paper on "The Consequences of the Distortion of Language in the Third Reich" at a Holocaust studies conference at Middle Tennessee State University in April. She gave a paper on "The Impact of Language: Nazi German and Holocaust Survivors" at Stetson University in February.

Gregory P. Garvey (Design Art, and coordinator of the new Digital Image/Sound program) just returned from a trip to the U.K. At the Second International Conference of the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts at the University of Wales College, Newport, he presented "Dividing the Self: Speculations on the Split Brain Human Computer Interface." At the International Symposium of Electronica Art, held in Liverpool and Manchester, he gave the "split-brain" paper, plus "Techno@fetish.tribe/techno-gardism~a timed released diaspora." He also gave a paper about Concordia's Digital Image/Sound program at SIGGRAPH '98 in Orlando, Florida. At least 35,000 people attend this computer graphics conference each year.

Lorne N. Switzer (Finance) published "The Interactions Between Trading Volume and Volatility" in Applied Financial Economics, and will soon publish "The Effects of New Issues and Redemptions of TSE Index Participation Units" in Corporate Structure Finance and Operations. He also presented papers to the Multinational Finance Society (in Helsinki), to the Northern Finance Association (in Toronto), and the Financial Management Association (in Chicago). He was selected to join the program committee of the European Financial Management Association's conference to be held next spring in Paris.

Michel Laroche (Marketing) was the program chair of the Multicultural Marketing Conference, which took place from September 17 to 20 at Hôtel du Parc, and was sponsored by Concordia and the Association of Marketing Science.

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