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Hats off

As Chair of the 25th Anniversary launch committee, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff, faculty, students and alumni who selflessly gave their time, energy and considerable expertise to pull together an extremely successful event.

I can't tell you how satisfying it was to see the event come together -- the upbeat video, the student performers, and the celebrity presenters. There were times over the past few months when we held our fingers crossed, not really believing it would actually happen.

But it did happen, thanks to the commitment of numerous individuals and departments, and despite resources being severely stretched during this busy time of the year. Everyone who worked on the launch did so on top of his or her regular duties. This includes Jamie Orchard, Terry DiMonte, Leslie Roberts and John Moore, who eagerly responded to our invitation because of their public support for Concordia.

This is a pivotal time in Concordia's history. We have gone through difficult times, and have emerged as a stronger, healthier and more unified family. The hundreds of people who participated in the launch, as well as the success of our Capital Campaign, are proof of that.

Hats off to everyone involved with the launch of our 25th anniversary, organizers and participants alike. We have much to be proud of. Let's remember how we felt on that Friday afternoon, and carry that feeling with us throughout our anniversary year.

Maria Paradiso

Executive Director of Communications

Editor's note: Many people were impressed by the lively video that was part of this event. Responding to praise in the newsgroup Shoptalk, Sandra-Lynn Spina, Director of Marketing Communications, said, "We wanted viewers (alumni, faculty, staff, students, friends) to walk away from the viewing feeling good about their role in making Concordia what it is today, and it seems we've accomplished that goal. Since the presentation, I have received numerous requests for copies for departmental showing, for recruitment purposes and even for good old pride! We're thrilled at the response we've received. The problem is that the video was done for internal use only; that is, we never requested formal permission to use the songs. Seeing the demand, we have now started the process for getting permission to use the songs (more often than not, a simple formality), so that we may distribute the video freely. We will keep you posted.

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