March 19,1998

CSU elections, March 24 to 26
And they're off...

Nominees for next year's Concordia Student Union (CSU) president have declared themselves, and they feature some seasoned candidates. The elections will be held March 24 to 26.

The veterans running for president include Carl Kouri, an Arts and Science councillor, last year's VP external and organizer of a number of big student rallies. He was involved in the Greening of Mackay project, among other things. James Edwards, this year's VP administration, David Smaller, this year's VP external, and Maxine West, an Arts and Science councillor for a couple of years, are also seasoned CSU nominees. Sergio Faraone is a Commerce and Administration Students Association representative on council, and Tommaso Rossi is a Fine Arts councillor.

Also running are Michael Bright, who emphasizes sound financial management, Imad El-Zallat, who is Inter-Fraternity Council president, Marcello Strina and Sergio Faraone.

Referendum questions will include whether students want to fund the public interest group Q-PIRG 10 cents more per credit, and whether the CSU should join the Canadian Federation of Students.

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