March 19,1998

Donald Boisvert is professor, administrator and community caregiver

by Andrew Soong

Dean of Students Donald Boisvert is keeping himself busy during his year-long administrative leave. "I've taken the time to do some scholarly reflection and research, and rework my doctoral thesis," Boisvert said. "It's hard to do academic work and keep a full-time job at the University." Boisvert will give the Eric O'Connor Lecture on March 25 on "Lesbian and Gay Spirituality and the Christian Churches," and on April 8, he'll give another lecture in the Department of Art History, "The Childish Icon: John the Baptist and the Imagery of French Canada." During his leave, Boisvert visited the Far East, and explored aspects of Buddhism. Now back in Montreal, he is doing volunteer work at the Maison d'Hérelle, a residence for people who are HIV-positive, helping patients with their personal care and lending an ear when needed. Judith Dendy, a caregiver, said, "He's always been able to establish a rapport with even the more difficult residents." Boisvert's life at Concordia started in 1971, as a student. He got an undergraduate degree in interdisciplinary studies in 1975, and served as president of the Loyola Students Association. In 1979, he got an MA in religion. He received a PhD in religious studies from the University of Ottawa in 1980; his thesis dealt with the celebration of St-Jean-Baptiste. He has worn many hats at Concordia, teaching in the Departments of Political Science, Religion and Leisure Studies, and serving as program development officer of the Dean of Students (1979-80), administrative assistant to the Vice-Rector, Academic (1980-85), assistant to the Rector and executive assistant to the Rector (1985-90), and associate Vice-Rector, Services, Student Life (1991-96). He was named Dean of Students in 1996. Boisvert is looking forward to returning to Concordia as the Dean of Students in September, when he will also teach a course in Religion and Leisure and co-teach in the interdisciplinary AIDS course. He was also recently named by Education Minister Pauline Marois to be the universities' representative on the Board of Governors of Dawson College, and took up his duties on February 11.

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