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More Concordia authors

Guy Lachapelle (Political Science) has written, with Luc Bernier and Pierre P. Tremblay, Le processus budgétaire au Québec. The book's preface is by Deputy Premier Bernard Landry. It is published by the Presses de l'Université du Québec.

Chantal Maillé, until recently Principal of the Simone de Beauvoir Institute, has written, with Diane Lamoureux and Micheline de Sève, Malaises Identitaires: Échanges féministes autour d'un Québec incertain. It is published by Les Éditions du remue-ménage.

Constance Classen (Sociology and Anthropology) has published a book on sensory symbolism in Western culture. The Color of Angels is being used in two interdisciplinary seminars this year at Lonergan University College.

Filippo Salvatore (CMLL) has published another book with Guernica Editions. Ancient Memories, Modern Identities is based the English translation, by Domenic Cusmano, of Tra Molise e Canada, a book about the Italian roots (from the Molise region, specifically) of a number of Canadian writers. However, additional material has been added to this edition, on other Italian-Canadian writers, on the historical background, and on cinema.

Sally Cole (Sociology and Anthropology) and two co-editors had a collection of essays published by Broadview Press, Feminist Fields: Ethnographic Insights.

Debbie Howlett has joined the English Department's Creative Writing program fresh from publishing her first book of fiction, We Could Stay Here All Night (Porcepic Books). It's a series of gritty, realistic linked stories about a girl coming of age in the 1970s on Montreal's South Shore.

Nadia Ferrara (Sociology/Anthropology) launched her book, Emotional Expression Among Cree Indians, in August.

Concordia writers made Governor-General's list

Alumna Elyse Gasco (BA 1988) is coming up roses this fall. Her book of fiction, Can You Wave Bye Bye, Baby? a collection of ironic, bittersweet stories on the theme of motherhood, has been nominated in two categories for the QSPELL Awards (best first book and best fiction). She was also nominated for a Governor-General's Award, although veteran novelist Matt Cohen was declared the English fiction winner on Tuesday.

Also nominated for other G-G awards were poet Richard Harrison, who graduated with an MA from the Creative Writing program in 1991 and now lives in Calgary, for Big Breath of a Wish, and Lazer Lederhendler (MA, Creative Writing, 1993), for his translated work, The Sparrow Has Cut the Day in Half, a novel in haiku.

Well-known Quebec authors who have taught at Concordia, Neil Bissoondath and David Homel, were also nominated.

Readings, readings

Lynn Crosbie will read from her new novel, Dorothy L'Amour, tonight at 8:30 in Room 407 of the Henry F. Hall Building. The book is based on the celebrated case of a Canadian Playmate who was murdered in Hollywood in the 1970s.

Tess Fragoulis teaches Creative Writing at Concordia. The author of Stories to Hide from Your Mother will read from her work on Thursday, November 25, at the Yellow Door, the venerable site of many a fine story-telling session.

She will be joined by a number of other young authors, including Helen Zisimatos (who is doing her MA in Creative Writing at Concordia and was shortlisted last year for the Irving Layton Award), as well as Gregory Pike, Ilona Martonfi di Sclafani and Eric Hoffman.

The readings start at 7:30 p.m.; admission is $5. The Yellow Door is at 3625 Aylmer St.

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