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Centraide pledges made easy



Centraide-LendingAHand Support 250 Montreal-area charities, from food banks to after-school programs, helping street kids to seniors. It doesn't matter how little you can give -- our goal this year is to increase our participation.

So far, about halfway through our campaign, we have achieved about half our goal. We've raised $28,970 in pledges, and we'd like to raise $55,000 before the campaign winds up in early December.

Full-time Concordia employees were sent pledge forms in the internal mail, but if you're on contract or time sheets, you can still contribute.


ThermometerCall Beatrice Simone, at 848-4830, and she'll send you a pledge form. Contract employees, like full-timers, can send a cheque, pay by credit card or make a payroll deduction. Your cheque should be made out simply to Centraide. When you send in your pledge, don't forget to sign it.

For more information about the United Way (Centraide) fundraising effort, consult

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