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Names in the News

Compiled by Barbara Black

Concordia faculty, staff and alumni/æ pop up
in the media more often than you might think!

Jack Lightstone (Provost and Vice-Rector, Research) was interviewed for an article on research ethics, one of several on March 6 on university issues in La Presse. A long article in TheGazette the same Saturday described the success of Concordia's Capital Campaign, and quoted Brian Steck, the Campaign's Toronto Vice-Chair, Alumni Affairs Director Ann Vroom and Campaign Executive Vice-Chair Don Taddeo.

Mohsen Anvari, Dean of Commerce and Administration, took part in a wide-ranging panel discussion January 30 on CBC Newsworld's The Editors, discussing whether academe responds to society's needs. The panel included Janyne Hodder (principal of Bishop's University), William Watson (economics professor at McGill), Governor of Vermont Howard Dean, and several others.

Donald Boisvert (Religion) was a guest on CBC Daybreak recently, talking about exorcism in light of new guidelines issued to Roman Catholic clergy.

Dennis Dicks (Education Technology/Commerce) was quoted in a Gazette feature article called "Re-inventing the classroom."

Michael Dartnell (Political Science), who just received a major grant to track terrorism on the Internet, was quoted in a La Presse article on the recent world-wide day of public demonstrations by Kurds, some of them violent. While he was at a conference recently in Ireland, he was interviewed no fewer than 14 times by Canadian media by phone and e-mail.

Bassem Khalifah (Political Science) has written a book called The Rise and Fall of Christian Lebanon, and it was the subject of a full-length article by TheGazette's Religion columnist, Harvey Shepherd. In the book, Khalifah relates how the sectarian Christians who could have made Lebanon a truly modern, pluralistic state fell short of their goal. He told Shepherd he fears that Quebec could also become mired in sectarianism, though of a linguistic rather than a religious nature.

Andrew McAusland, Director of Academic Technology in Arts and Science, was interviewed for ComputerWorld Canada, based in Scarborough, Ont., about a massive project: scanning 650,000 pieces of paper -- 20 years worth of documents -- into a computer. The Dean's Office hired an archivist to do the job, and it should be finished this month. The worst part was removing the staples.

Bakr Ibrahim (Management) was interviewed by Stephanie Whittaker of The Gazette on how to pass a family business on to the next generation as painlessly as possible. The same writer interviewed Pierre Brunet (Management) about the importance of having an employment contract in a Gazette article that was picked up by the Ottawa Citizen.

A moving obituary of retired Religion professor Charles Davis, published in the British daily The Independent, was sent to us by former staff member Grendon Haines, who is now at the University of Oxford.

How Concordia's Centre for the Arts in Human Development works with the intellectually handicapped was shown recently on Canadian Living Magazine, on the Life network. The Centre, which is headed by Stephen Snow (Creative Arts Therapy) and Lenore Vosberg, produced an original musical, The Winds of Oz. The Centre is planning to hold an open house April 29 and 30.

Kaarina Kailo (Simone de Beauvoir) was interviewed on Radio-Suomi in Finland recently about her recent book, No Beginning, No End: The Sami Speak Up, edited with Elina Helander, and the women's movement in Nordic countries and Canada. She also read her poem to the she-bear, a reworking of the Lord's Prayer, on Radio Finland.

Rock star and sometime Photography student Melissa Auf der Maur is featured over three pages of the current issue of Harper's Bazaar, modelling clothes by 22-year-old Belgian designer Olivier Theyskens.

Marion Wagschal, who has taught for many years in the Faculty of Fine Arts, is having a show of her latest paintings at the Galérie de Bellefeuille on Greene Ave. in Westmount, and TheGazette's Dorota Kozinska gave it a glowing review.

David Frost (Geography) has been given a warm reception by the media about his research on the rising incidence of heart attacks during severely cold periods. Here's a list of cities from which he was interviewed this winter: Calgary, Whitehorse, Halifax, Toronto, St. John's, Charlottetown, Sydney, Edmonton, Thunder Bay, Vancouver, Quebec City and Inuvik.

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