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Support for the Capital Campaign

by Sami Antaki

Earlier this year, Michal Hornstein, of Balmore Ltd., received a call from Leonard Ellen, honorary treasurer for the Campaign for a New Millennium, requesting some time to bring him up-to-date on Concordia's Capital Campaign.

The call was followed by a number of meetings to discuss Concordia's needs as defined by the Campaign, Hornstein's areas of interest, and the best way to bring both parties together. The result of these discussions was a very generous $500,000 combined gift from Hornstein and several of his associates.

Michal Hornstein was the first to step forward and designate a $125,000 gift towards the creation of graduate fellowship endowments. His gift will make it possible for two new students to undertake post-graduate work at Concordia every year.

His generosity was quickly matched by his nephews Sam and Mark Hornstein (MBA 93), who also pledged $125,000 to support graduate students. Their gift will create the Romek Hornstein Memorial Award in memory of their father, and will provide two more graduate fellowships in the area of Canadian Jewish studies.

The Issenman and Sigler families then came together to pledge $125,000 to Concordia's Chair in Quebec and Canadian Jewish Studies. This gift will enable the Chair to undertake new research, organize lectures and enter into dialogue with researchers and community organizations across Canada.

Susan Raymer, who graduated from Loyola in 1971, designated her $125,000 gift to the creation of an endowment in honour of her parents, Goldie and Joe Raymer, that will support student and staff exchanges in the context of expanding the accord between Concordia and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

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