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Senate Notes

Compiled by Barbara Black

A regular meeting of University Senate, held April 9, 1999.

Rector's remarks: Rector Frederick Lowy said he has met with Education Minister François Legault, and Provost Jack Lightstone with Jean Rochon, head of the new Ministry for Research, Science and Technology. "We feel we have made a good beginning," he said. The Liberal Arts College has had a successful 20th anniversary reunion, and in fact, all five of Concordia's colleges are 20 years old this year. He congratulated Dr. Adrian Tsang of the Biology Department for a recent grant (see page 1), and the Faculty of Fine Arts for the quality of members who are joining the advisory board of the new Institute for Studies in Canadian Art.

CFI: Dean of Graduate Studies and Research Claude Bédard expressed gratification at the first major award from the Canadian Fund for Innovation (see page 1), and said that in general, Quebec universities did very well with the CFI. Concordia has had its best-ever success rate with FCAR grants, showing that the Faculties have hired some very good people.

Women's Centre: In answer to a question from a student senator, Dean of Students Don Boisvert said that as the term of the current coordinator is up, the status of the Women's Centre is being reviewed, but nothing has yet been decided.

Curriculum changes: Information was provided about a proposed new option in Telecommunications in the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science (see story, page 3). Changes were approved to graduate programs in Arts and Science (the diploma in Adult Education, and the graduate degrees in History), and Fine Arts (Diploma in Advanced Music Performance Studies).

Transcript splitting: The Task Force on Academic Regulations recommended discontinuing the practice of providing students who have done more than one degree at Concordia with a transcript of only one program at a time. The Task Force found that this is not done at other universities, and may betray the natural expectation of the reader that he or she is getting a complete record of that student. Carried.

Extension of senior administrators' terms:(This discussion is summarized in the following story, and will resume at the next meeting.)

Next meeting: May 7.

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