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Loan info, policies on the Web

Terry Too (Assistant Registrar) reports that two new features have been added to the "Personal Information for Students" category on the University Web site: grades with grade distribution and information about loans and bursaries.

"These are great service additions for students and a great help in meeting the University's objective of providing better services to students," Too said. "Whenever possible, students should be encouraged to make use of these new services."

She extended thanks to the people in IITS who made these new services possible, especially Fury Tudino and Bill Miller.

Also new to the Web, courtesy of the Office of the Legal Counsel, is the Concordia University Official Policies Web site.

An attempt to make all University policies accessible in one location, this site groups the contents of Policy Manual C, which contained a variety of University-wide policies in its hard-copy version. If you have hard copies of Policy Manual C, you should consign them to a recycling bin.

Legal Counsel Bram Freedman explains, "It is hoped that over time, the contents of Policy Manual A (which contains the University's charter and by-laws) will either form part of the Official Policies Web site or will, at least, be accessible by a link from the site.

"At the present time, the future of Policy Manual B (which contains a variety of human resources policies covering, for the most part, non-unionized employees) is uncertain, given the ongoing discussions between the University administration and representatives of the non-unionized group of employees."

Downloading and printing of the policies from the Web site are encouraged, on the condition that the material is not manipulated in any way or used for any illegal purpose.

The address of the site is:

It may also be accessed through the University's home page at by clicking on "Policies/Planning."

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