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Taiwanese students bid Concordia farewell

After an intense six weeks, Judith Chen, arguably the most emotive of the 18 Taiwanese students who visited Concordia for a training program organized by the Commerce and Administration Faculty, bid a teary adieu to her hosts here
at Concordia and to her homestay family.

She hugged burly Bob MacIver, from Auxiliary Services, where she had done an extensive company visit, and Vicky Starr and her two children, with whom Judith had stayed. She was bubbling with enthusiasm for Concordia and Montreal, as were many who were overwhelmed by the allure of the city.

The students, visiting here from the International Trade Institute (ITI) in Taiwan as part of their international trade program, took part in two weeks of lectures and four weeks of company visits.

Along the way, they found time to sightsee and go to events such as a sugaring-off, a symphony concert, a production of Fame that was in town, and hockey and baseball games. Some, like David Lo, even made a quick jaunt to Toronto to see professional basketball.

They topped off their social calendar by having a major cook-out at the home of Emily Musgrave, a member of the Faculty's External Affairs office. Incidentally, Musgrave was called "the kindest lady I met in my life" by her guest, Steven Liu.

Their classes were organized by Management Professor Terri Lituchy and Associate Dean Jerry Tomberlin, and were given by
various faculty members. They included Introduction to Canada, Cross-Cultural Management and Communications, International Marketing and International Finance.

All the students got to visit the Bank of Montreal, the Montreal Exchange and Bombardier. Then they made extended company visits and research projects with various companies, including CAE, Bell Helicopter, and film and real-estate companies, not to mention Concordia's own work environment.

All of the students, and many faculty, business contacts and host families joined organizers at the well-attended farewell cocktail party on April 29.

Leon-Ei-Min Liu, from Montreal's Taiwan Trade Centre, who made the link between the Taiwanese school and the Commerce and Administration Faculty, said he had thought of Concordia because of its excellent business reputation when the ITI contacted him for a business school. -- Eugenia Xenos

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