Sunburst bit CTR Senate Notes

A regular meeting of the Concordia University Senate, held December 3, 1999.

Research Fellows: Senate approved the appointment of Psychology Professor Jane Stewart and Marketing Professor Michel Laroche as Concordia University Research Fellows for 2000. Dr. Stewart is a longtime researcher with Concordia's Centre for Studies in Behavioural Neurobiology and Dr. Laroche has won many awards for his research on consumer behaviour. Both are members of the Royal Society of Canada.

New programs: Most of the discussion at this meeting of Senate was about the involvement of an external body in a new graduate program in Commerce and Administration, the MBA (Investment Management Option). Funded by a donation of $2 million, the program leads to the professional designation chartered financial analyst (CFA). Students must pass an exam set by the Association for Investment Management Education and Research at each of three levels to proceed to the next level and graduate. These requirements provoked objections from senators, from the student body and from other Faculties. These ranged from the practical (What if students passed the courses but failed the exam?) to matters of principle. Ultimately, the programs were approved, though with 13 abstentions.

Next meeting: January 14.

Compiled by Barbara Black

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