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June 11, 1998

At a Glance

This column welcomes the submissions of all Concordia faculty and staff to promote and encourage individual and group activities in teaching and research, and to encourage work-related achievements.

Compiled by Barbara Black

Concordia's English Department was well represented at the Congress of Social Sciences and Humanities, held May 27 to 30 at the University of Ottawa. Edward Pechter gave the plenary address to ACCUTE, the Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English, on "Criticism as Contamination," and papers were presented to the same group by André Furlani ("Language and Midwifery in Samuel Beckett's Molloy"), Eyvind Ronquist ("A Child of Epicurus in the Play of Values: Chaucer, Canterbury Tales"), Jill Didur ("Recovered? Partition, Nationalism and the Gendered Migrant in Joytrimoyee Devi's The River Churning"). Laura Groening gave a paper to the Association of Canadian Studies titled "Colonialism's Duality: Re-Positioning Savagery." There were 90 Concordia participants in total at the Congress.

An article by Rick Molz (Management), "A Comparative Analysis of Managerial Adaptation to Privatization," was published in volume 3, number 4 of the Journal of East-West Business. Another article, "Privatization: The Core Theories and Missing Middle," written with Silvia Dorado of McGill University, has been accepted for publication in the International Review of Administrative Studies.

Bernice Goldsmith (Social Aspects of Engineering) is a member of the board of directors of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA). She recently attended its 18th annual meeting in Christchurch, New Zealand, where she received an Outstanding Service Award for her many activities with the organization. She also chaired a workshop on the development of environmental impact assessment principles. For more on the subject, consult IAIA's Web site at

Filippo Salvatore (CMLL) will present a paper this month in Monopoli, Italy, at a conference organized by the Italian Association of Canadian Studies. It is titled "Le Cinéma de Paul Tana: les longs métrages de Les Grands Enfants (1979) à La Déroute (1998)."

Cameron Tilson (Senior Planning and Policy Analyst, Office of the Rector) chaired a session on special interest groups for Canadian participants at the 38th Annual Association for Institutional Research (AIR) Conference, held in Minneapolis, Minn. from May 17 to 20. He also represented the Canadian Institutional Research and Planning Association (CIRPA) at a luncheon hosted by AIR for their affiliated organizations.

Steven Appelbaum (Management) was on a panel discussing integrated communications and organizational change at the Canadian Public Relations Society's 50th anniversary congress, held last month in Montreal. In March, he gave a series of four lectures to employees of McGill University's Health Centre on the various anxieties raised by mergers.

Campbell Perry (Psychology, retired) was Visiting Professor at the School of Psychology, University of New South Wales, from January to March of this year. He also went to Stockholm, where he was one of four main speakers at a seminar called True or False Memories? Reconstructing -- and Constructing -- the Past. He talked about false memories, hypnosis and some recent American legal decisions about "repressed" memories.

Dean of Graduate Studies and Research Claude Bédard was part of a public forum presented on Tuesday by the Montreal Urban Community. It was titled Montréal et les défis du XXIième siècle, and Bédard was one of 12 university and business leaders invited by the Commission du développement économique to make a presentation.

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