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September 24, 1998
Vol. 23     No. 2
-About Concordia's Thursday Report
-Open meetings on space plan
-Show Girls: Window on a joyous era
-Despite financial pressures, the library is in a golden age
-Students win at film festival
-Humanities PhD program: Still ahead of its time
-At a Glance
-Ship is on course, Board is told
-That's no moonshine
-Year 2000 Task Force is up to the challenge
-Computer grads needed: CUP
-Senate Notes
-Simone de Beauvoir Institute grew out of self-discovery
-The principals look back
-PhD in Humanities--25th Anniversary
-Chris Palin: Marketing CASA
-Idealism at QPIRG
-McQuaig speaks of power
-The ex-rancher who saw the light
-Packed house for Jello Biafra
-MAI-fighter Maude Barlow is ready for another round
-Bargaining units merged
-In Brief
-In Memoriam
-The BACK page

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