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Shuffle '98

Ninth Annual Concordia Shuffle

Nearly 500 Concordians walked the 6.5-kilometre walk on September 25, from the new green space at de Maisonneuve Blvd. and Guy St. to the Loyola Campus, and they had great weather for it.

This year, the Shuffle raised more than $62,063, thanks to innumerable people, from Board of Governors member Rick Renaud, who raised almost half that amount single-handedly, to 19 Shuffle Committee members, 35 volunteers and all the walkers and family, friends and colleagues who pledged to support them.

The event began with a touching moment, when the son of former Board of Governors member Humberto Santos, who passed away last year, took over his father's pledge to participate in the Shuffle.

Then media personalities Rosey Edeh and Leslie Roberts helped warm up the shufflers at the start of the walk, and Mix 96's John Moore played the wacky emcee at the Loyola Campus. Moore made passes at the Stinger bee mascot, and joked that Concordians would be recognizable by the Coty scent, since there were so many Coty prizes handed out.

Among the top fundraisers were Amely Jurgenliemk ($1,000), Randy Swedburg ($1,000) and Darcy Sowden ($900).

Some internal departments went above and beyond the call of duty: Bookstores, Conference Services, IITS, Information Services, Marketing Communications, Physical Resources, Distribution Services, Printing Services and Public Relations. Internal sponsors of the event included the Bookstore, CUPEU, CUPFA, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Computer Store, Continuing Education, IITS, Physical Resources, Printing Services and the Sports Medicine Clinic.

Remember that pledges are no good without the money behind them, so please honour your pledges. Tax receipts will be sent out early in 1999.

To view a six-minute video of the Shuffle, go to www.concordia

Shuffle participation prizes

* Apple and Concordia Computer Store (iMac Computer):

Dr. Richard J. Diubaldo

* Carlson Wagonlit Travel and Delta (airfare for two to any destination in the U.S.):

Julie Kristina Francoeur

* Icon of Canada (Weider
home gym):

Patrick Chui

The following Shufflers also won prizes:

Jay Mazzamauro, Jane Dixon, Albano Couto, Sandra Ciampini, Nabil Bissada, Hoang Bui, Tan Bui, Anne Brown, Donna Caputo, Vince Callender, Carole Williams, Fassil Nebebe, Gabriel Baugniet, Roberto Chen-Rangel, Karen Barth, Kim Archer, Boi May Ang, Kathy Adams, Dorothy McLeod, Assunta Fargnoli, Kirstin Lund, Edith McCarthy, William Wong, Lorri Ann Bailey, Brigeen Badour, Sophie Fontaine, Huguette Albert, Nancy Sardella, Francine Salinitri, Kelly Nolan, Johanne Plamondon, Sharon Morrison, Freda Otchere, Catherine Wickham, Ermine Campbell, Karen Fiddler, Diane Boulé, Sandra Rozansky, Emily Carter, Nathalie Laporte, Claude Marie Laforgue, Ann Kerby, Yvonne Jolly, Donna Lefebvre, Barbara Harding, Howard Bokser, Kathy Usas, Nathalie Dion, Hélène Rowe, Pierre Ouellett, Leslie Cohen, Robbie Raso, Barry Robinson, Dr. Nabil Esmail, Cathy Sowdon, Joao Sanchez, Carolle Poirier, Shirley Maynes, A. Harkin, Manon Cliche, Martin Labrie, K. Laframboise, W. Chun Yan, Steven Winikoff, Marina Wolanski, Angela Freeman Tremblay, Sandra D'Sylva, Linnet Fawcett, Sandra Ginger, Evelyne Loo, A. Wilson Wright, Frederick Lowy, Richard J. Diubaldo, Luke Adams, Rosie Caruso, Lorraine Tucker, Carolyne Beckman, Julia Lin, Thomas Marty, Pat Winston, Jennifer Wright, Patrick Wright, Lyne Wright, John Wojciechowicz, Teresa Zuccaro, Barry Ronbinson, Rudy Piegsa, Mary Appazzato, Dave Campbell, André Legault, Bill Bukowski, Nina Howe, Don Taddeo, Charles Emond, Anna Beth Doyle, Michael Montanaro, H. W. Haberl, Rogers Hudgate, Nicole Freeman, James Moore, Josie Christianson, Paul Eifert, Ann-Marie Agnew, Danielle Pullen, Barbara Kornas, Faye Corbin, Susan Durkee, Jocelyne Côté, Catherine Bissonnette, Laurie Cartman, Rohana Crelinsten, Anna Pagliuca, Cynthia George, Anita Grant, Natalie Cristofaro, Janet Corrigan, Bill Curran, Chris Cummins, Joanne Spinelli, Murray Sang, Les Becskei, John Dore, S. Dinan, Dan Otchere

Prize winners who have yet to claim their prizes should contact Andrea Segal at 848-4979.

Thanks to:

Our financial sponsors

Canbec Courrier, Construction Brunori, G.I.L. Maçonnerie, Les Industries LJB, Mon Centre d'Affaire (a portion of Concordia Faculty and student business will be donated to Shuffle '98 -- until October 25, 1998), Pepsi-Cola, Sodexho Marriott, Spenova Construction, Vogue Limousine, Concordia University Professional Employees Union, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Continuing Education, IITS, Physical Resources and Printing Services.

Prizes donated by:

Icon of Canada, Concordia
University Part-Time Faculty Association, Les Voyages Norko, Le Centre Sheraton, TotalNet, YMCA, Le Château Versailles, Nelson Garage Inc., INPHOSON, Benoit Latulippe Traiteur, CAM Internet, Canderel, Centaur Theatre, Montreal Thistle Curling Club, Château Royal Hotel Suites, Place des Arts, Les Gravures GAM, Concordia Book Store, Le Piment Rouge, Galerie de Bonsai et d'Art Oriental du Québec, Concordia's Sports Medicine Clinic, Molivos Restaurant, Sono Video, Hôtel du Parc, Marketing Joanisse Communications, Coty Canada, Acier Vaudreuil Steel Inc., Sherlock's, Resources Graphiques, Centre de Beauté Santé Lyne Giroux, Basha Restaurant, OPEN Storage Solutions, Véhicule Press, Typhoon Lounge, Budget Rent-a-Car, Caesar's Pub and Eggspectations.

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