May 7, 1998

CUP releases engineering report

The Commission des universités sur les programmes (CUP), a task force aimed at rationalizing Quebec's post-secondary course offerings, has issued a no-surprises report on engineering studies.

The document presents a detailed snapshot of the current state of engineering education across the province. It takes note of Concordia's success in reducing the operating budget of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science (by 10.25 per cent or $1.7 million), professoriate (by 11 per cent) and support staff without any significant reduction in enrolment or courses.

It also notes that at Concordia, the Department of Civil Engineering has joined with Building Studies to create the School for Building, that negotiations are going on with McGill University to cooperate more closely in post-graduate programs, and that a new building is being considered.

Other engineering schools across Quebec are actively pursuing cooperative ventures in various disciplines. CUP notes that this can have the added benefit of improving students' second language.

CUP recommends broadening the base curriculum for engineering students and giving them introductory studies in management. It calls for closer links with computer science (already close at Concordia), more women students and faculty, and greater harmony with CEGEP programs. - BB

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