May 7, 1998

At a Glance

Compiled by Barbara Black

Alex Sharma (TESL) gave a workshop on "Grammar in the News: Teaching Grammar in Context" at the 18th Annual ThaiTESOL International Conference, held in Hat Yai, Thailand, January 22 to 24. He was invited to repeat the workshop at Rajabhat Teacher Training College at Phuket, and at Assumption College in Bangkok. While in Thailand, he also met with Concordia graduates Kate Owens (MA Applied Linguistics), teaching at the Asian University of Science and Technology in Pattaya, and Robb Armstrong (BEd TESL), teaching at Rajabhat Institute Phuket.

Lewis J. Poteet (English) has been in Dayton, Wichita, Oklahoma City, Fort Worth and Austin with his co-author, Martin Stone. They chose the cities, all aircraft manufacturing centres, to promote their book about slang and jargon, Plane Talk. Poteet also gave a speech at "Airburner Night" at the Kansas Aviation Museum, on the site of the McConnell Air Force Base.

Gérard Leduc (Biology, retired) recently read a paper, "The Fingerprints of a Lost Civilization in the Northeast," to the spring meeting of the New England Antiquities Research Association, in Keene, New Hampshire. Last year, he wrote a book, Yesterdays of Potton, published to mark the 200th anniversary of Potton Township, in southern Quebec.

Last fall, Pierre L'Hériault (Études françaises) published Par la porte d'en arrière (Lanctôt éditeur). This book contains an organized transcription of interviews in 1982 with Quebec writer Jacques Ferron, who died in 1985. L'Hériault also published "L'espace immigrant et l'espace amérindien dans le théâtre québécois depuis 1977" in B. Bednarski & I. Oore, Nouveaux regards sur le théâtre québécois (XYZ éditeur/Dalhousie French Review, 1997).

A paper by Nikos Metallinos (Communication Studies), "The Transformation of Biological Precepts to Mental Concepts in Recognizing Visual Images," was awarded first place in the paper competition of the Broadcast Education Association's annual conference, held in Las Vegas in April. At the same conference, he was elected vice-chair of the international division, responsible mainly for organizing conference programs.

Lionel Sanders (Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics) has published a review of Klaus Geus, "Prosopographie de literarisch bezeugten Karthager," in Gnomon 70 (1998).

Sima Aprahamian (Sociology and Anthropology) was a member of the editorial committee of Le genocide arménien dans la presse canadienne/The Armenian Genocide in the Canadian Press, volume II, 1916-1923, published by the Montreal-based Armenian National Committee of Canada.

David Howes and Constance Classen (Sociology and Anthropology)had a book chapter, "Vital Signs: The Dynamics of Traditional Medicine in Northwestern Argentina," published in The Third Wave of Modernization in Latin America: Cultural Perspectives on Neoliberalism (editor, Lynne Phillips, Jaguar Books).

John Jackson (Sociology and Anthropology) has been appointed Canadian editor of the Journal of Radio Studies, published in Washington, D.C., by the Broadcast Education Association.

Christine Jourdan (Sociology and Anthropology) had a book published, 1997 Edited Essays in Honour of Roger Keesing, in the special volume of Canberra Anthropology, Vol. 20. She gave the plenary address, "Youth and Urbanization in the Pacific," at the annual meeting of the Association of Commonwealth Countries of the Pacific in October.

Filippo Salvatore (CMLL) published Le Cinéma de Paul Tana with Anna Gural-Migdal (Éditions Balzac, 1997), and had a chapter, "L'arte di Marie Cavaliere," published in Mario Cavaliere (editor, Marizio Cavaliere, Ed. Lampo, Campobasso, 1997). He also had an article published in the journal Italian-Canadiana, "Liborio Lattoni: da missionario protestante a poeta nella Montreal del primo Novecento." Salvatore has written about 20 editorials in the Montreal Italian-language weekly Il Cittadino Canadese.

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