May 7, 1998

In Brief

Congratulations, Dr. Lowy

The Rector and Vice-Chancellor of Concordia, Frederick Lowy, will be granted an honorary doctor of laws degree on June 19 by the University of Toronto.

The honour is being conferred in recognition of his pivotal role in the establishment of the University of Toronto's Joint Centre for Bioethics.

Dr. Lowy is a psychiatrist and medical ethicist. Before coming to Concordia in 1995, he was dean of the University of Toronto's Faculty of Medicine, as well as founding director of the Centre for Bioethics.

Concert Hall greets
100,000th patron

At a recent concert by Marie-Claude Matton, a graduate student performing a diploma recital, one member of the audience got more than a musical treat.

Melanie Auclair won a trip for two to Toronto, compliments of VIA Rail and Marriott Hotels, for being the Concordia Concert Hall's 100,000th visitor.

High profile in China

Concordia is one of five universities invited to send representatives to the centenary celebrations of Peking University.

Rector Frederick Lowy and his wife, Mary Kay Lowy, are representing Concordia at the festivities in Beijing, and Bernard Shapiro and Mrs. Shapiro will represent McGill University.

The trip started with a visit to Hong Kong with Director of University Advancement Chris Hyde. They held a reception for alumni and met with potential Capital Campaign canvassers and donors.

On the Lowys' trip to Beijing, where they held meetings with several Chinese educational institutions, they were joined by Deans Mohsen Anvari and Martin Singer and Professors Dale Doreen and Balbir Sahni, Director of the Centre for International Academic Cooperation.

They went on to Nanjing to take part in a conference of Canadian and Chinese universities, where Dean Singer made a major presentation yesterday and the Rector is scheduled to chair one of the sessions today.

Treadmill sold

The Weider WCTL9006 treadmill valued at $920 which was being auctioned off has been sold to Johanne Lussier (Annual Giving Office) for $613. The next nearest bids were by Laura Wells (also Annual Giving, who bid $502) and Silvana Novembre (Graduate Studies, $250).

The exercise device, which was valued at $920, was won by Steven Winikoff at the 1997 Shuffle and generously donated back to the University.

Johanne's bid will go towards Shuffle scholarships and bursaries -- and she'll probably get to Loyola ahead of everyone else next September 25, at Shuffle '98.

Loyola Health Services

Due to renovations and the summer schedule, Loyola Health Services, located in the Administration Building, Room 121-3, will be closed from May 1 to August 28. For the summer, health care will be centralized at Sir George Williams Health Services, 2155 Guy St., Room 407.

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