May 7, 1998

Daycare parents hold Casino Night

The following is an invitation from Hilary Scuffell (Human Resources), a parent at the Garderie Les P'tit Profs:

The Garderie Les P'tit Profs, the daycare centre on the Loyola Campus, will hold a Casino Night on May 23 at 7:30 p.m. in the seventh-floor Faculty and Staff Lounge of the Henry F. Hall Building to raise money for the renovation of the outdoor playground.

Three years ago, upon the demise of our beautiful willow tree and the unfortunate death of the daycare's dear friend and parent, Tom Hughes, we were successful in fundraising for a new Deborah maple tree. We had a wee ceremony and built a wonderful picnic table which circles the tree. (We were very fortunate that the ice storm didn't damage the tree.)

Last year, we had extensive work done on our playground. We had an infant area built, as well as a "mound" so that in the winter time the children can sled in safety. We had a gazebo built for a little shade, as well as planting several trees.

Our play equipment is outdated and starting to be unsafe, so this fundraiser will go a long way to help us replace it and have an even safer environment for the children to play in.

Tickets for the Casino Night can be bought from the daycare (848-7788) for $15. This includes $5,000 in play money for the casino. There will be door prizes, and a "millionaires' table" with prizes such as tickets to the Canadiens hockey game at the Molson Centre (in the reds), as well as tickets to the Catchers Club at the Olympic Stadium.

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