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Report on protest incident released

Vice-Rector Services Charles Emond has completed his report on the University's handling of the incident in the Henry F. Hall Building on September 24, when a group of protesters clashed with Concordia Security staff.

In the report, Emond analyzes the policies that apply to such incidents, and notes that with one exception, Security staff reacted professionally and with restraint. He also points out that many of the protesters were from outside the University, and gave no one, even student leaders at Concordia, any warning.

Emond recommends that the Director of Security, in consultation with the Dean of Students, the Advisor on Rights and Responsibilities and the Legal Counsel, review the policies to ensure that security guidelines are clear, consistent, and assure the security of students as well as their right of free expression.

The report has already been presented to the Concordia Council for Student Life, a policy-making body made up largely of students and chaired by the Dean of Students. Copies may be obtained from the Office of the Vice-Rector, Services, at BC-220 (848-4816).

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