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Awards of Distinction

Weider Awards of Distinction were presented to four Canadian business leaders at a luncheon at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel on November 26.

The event was sponsored by the Faculty of Commerce and Administration and celebrates achievement, as well as encouraging close ties between the Faculty and the business community.

The recipients this year were Judith Erola, former cabinet minister and now president of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Canada; Ronald Oberlander, operating chair of Abitibi-Consolidated; Louis Tanguay, president and COO of Bell Canada International; and Placide Poulin, president and CEO of MAAX bathroom fixtures.

Oberlander spoke of his fond memories of Sir George Williams University. "I was a terrible student," he confessed, "but I had a wonderful time." As he looks toward retirement from his successful career, he said he would like to give something back by teaching some classes. He also announced that Abitibi-Consolidated will donate $250,000 to Concordia's Capital Campaign.

The featured speaker was Ben Weider, bodybuilding entrepreneur, sports activist, philanthropist, Napoleon scholar, Concordia honorary doctorate recipient, and on this occasion, inspirational speaker. Freely admitting that he quit school at 12 to help his family, he told the students present, "If I got where I did without a formal education, think what you can do."

The event's founder, Col. Pierre Sévigny, gave a rousing patriotic address.

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