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In Brief...

Loyola Medal

Since 1961, the Loyola Medal has been awarded for outstanding leadership and achievement in Canada. Recipients include Georges P. Vanier, Jean Vanier and Oscar Peterson. In 1999, it will be presented at Homecoming as part of our 25th anniversary celebrations.

Nomination forms are available from the Rector's Office or Alumni Affairs. For criteria and further details, please contact Garry Milton, secretary of
the committee, at garrym@vax2.

The Medal is given every two years to an outstanding person, known to both English- and French-speaking communities, whose acceptance of the award should bring prestige to Concordia and Loyola.

In this anniversary year, special consideration will be given to Concordia, Loyola and Sir George Williams alumni, and those who have made an exceptional contribution to Concordia or one of its founding institutions.

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