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Names in the News

Concordia faculty, staff and alumni/ pop up in the media more often than you might think!

Interviews with Arthur Kroker (Political Science) and Matthew Friedman (Journalism), both of whom have written books on cyber-culture, were featured in a recent two-part series on CBC Radio's Ideas. Assembled by Montreal broadcaster Alan Conter, it was called Click Here for Culture.

Harold Simpkins (Marketing) was interviewed by CBC Newswatch on the demise of Eaton's and the fact that the building has been bought by the Caisse du Dpt.

Max Barlow (Geography) was interviewed on CBC's Homerun about Mayor Pierre Bourque's "one island, one city" concept for Montreal.

Harold Chorney (Political Science) was on CJAD's Tommy Schnurmacher Show as part of a panel on "Should Montreal become a city-state?" Chorney also appeared on Newswatch to talk about the federal government's attempts to stem the brain drain.

Provost Jack Lightstone and David Bernans (Political Science) were on a panel on CFCF's Pulse at Six to talk about whether corporate interests are encroaching on university curricula.

Daniel Salée (SCPA) was the studio guest on CBC's Radio Noon phone-in recently. Callers gave their views on the court striking down the Quebec language law on signs. Guy Lachapelle (Political Science) was interviewed on CBC's Quebec network news, and said that the ruling breaks a social consensus.

Marika Pruska-Carroll (Political Science) was interviewed on CJAD about the protracted conflict between Russia and Chechnya.

The death last week of Dagobert Broh prompted articles about this remarkable Concordia graduate in several newspapers, including The Gazette and the National Post. He is considered to be the oldest person ever to receive a PhD. Broh studied various subjects for nearly 30 years, earning a BA in French, and MA in history, and then his doctorate in history from Concordia when he was 91. He died in his 96th year.

Michael Montanaro (Contemporary Dance) was the subject of a documentary film, Montanaro In Time, that was broadcast on CFCF. It was made by Shanda Productions.

Marielle Nitoslawska (Cinema) was in a Gazette photo taken at the launch of Panorama Polonais, a festival of the arts from Poland taking place all month at various locations around Montreal.


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