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Protect university property

Paul Aubé, Acting Director of Security, has issued some advice in the wake of three burglaries that occurred at the university in September.

Both the Recreation and Athletics Department and the Concordia Student Union lost computer equipment, money and/or documents. Also, a thief or thieves broke into the Archives Department, on the 10th floor of the Henry F. Hall Building, to steal computer hardware. The police are investigating these incidents in co-operation with the Security Department.

In the first two burglaries, there is reason to believe that the thieves knew that revenue-generating events were taking place -- student orientation in one case, and the Homecoming football game in another.

Aubˇ recommends that recent computer acquisitions be engraved free of charge by the Security Department and inventoried. Money kept in an office should be kept to a minimum (i.e., petty cash), and larger amounts should be stored in a safe or deposited in a bank under escort. Sensitive information, computerized or on paper, should also be locked up.

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