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Studio Arts wins award for dynamic Web site

A Web site designed by a Concordia graduate has won the Studio Arts Department an award from a national design magazine.

A special issue of Applied Arts, a Toronto-based magazine, gave the site one of four awards in the "Interactive Web: Informative/Educational" category. The entire Awards Annual issue is devoted to Canada's best in advertising, design, photography, illustration, printing and interactive media.

Professor Tim Clark said the award was no accident. Two years ago, he and others in the department thought long and hard about what they wanted, and decided to hire a professional Web designer.

They settled on Sylvain Allard, a graduate in Design Art who has designed sites for the National Film Board, the Bloc Québécois and Radio-Canada, and is now teaching at the Université du Québec à Montréal.

"Our models were the Rhode Island School of Design and Glasgow Art College," Clark said. "We wanted something interesting and creative that gives a lot of information to prospective students about our program, but is also clear and simple."

It's a beautiful site. Have a look:

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