March 5,1998

Concordia Council on student Life
Annual Awards

These awards have been created to recognize exceptional contributions to student life and to recognize excellent teaching at Concordia University. The Outstanding Contribution and Media Awards are open to students only. Merit Awards are open to all members of the university community. Teaching Excellence Awards are for faculty members. Request for nomination
1. Outstanding Contribution Awards
2. Media Awards
3. Merit Awards
4. Teaching Excellence Awards

Nomination forms are available at:
Dean of Students, AD-121 (Loyola)
Dean of Students, H-653 (SGW)
CSU, H-637 (SGW)
GSA, T-202 (SGW)
CASA, GM-218 (SGW)
ECA, H-880 (SGW)
Info desk, Henry F. Hall Building lobby

Deadline for nominations: Friday, March 20, 5 p.m.

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