March 5,1998


Charles Draimin
Department of Accountancy

Queuing theory It is heartwarming to know that at Concordia you can meet a friend anywhere, even while waiting in the cold for the shuttle bus. What is not so heartwarming especially at -10 degrees - is to discover that you have been pushed back one or two places in the shuttle bus line because a couple of people have bumped into one of their friends in the queue and then, in the course of the conversation, have insinuated themselves into the line. It is not fun having to wait for yet another bus.
Could I suggest that people who are visited by friends while waiting in the shuttle bus line remind them, when it starts to move, that if they want to join the line, they should go to the end. Sometimes, of course, friends are diffident about making such a request. Then it is up to the rest of us, especially those nearest in line, to remind the interlopers of their manners. Good queuing makes good neighbours.

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