March 5,1998


Some of Concordia's most dedicated staff members are the clients of the West Island Readaptation Centre (WIRC), a provincially funded organization that places high-functioning intellectually handicapped people in work settings. The WIRC workers have been with us since May 1995. With the gentle but imaginative support of educator Jules Lefebvre, their Concordia colleagues have come to rely on them and value their company.
The WIRC team receive welfare benefits plus a small cash incentive, most of which is used for their transport to and from work. But their real rewards, Lefebvre says, are the pride they get from contributing and the social skills they learn from those around them. Some WIRCers who started at Concordia have gone on to full-fledged, paying jobs in other places. Right now, the WIRCers at Concordia are Michael Branchaud, Marlene Brunet, Norinne Gabriel, Emmanuel Haddad, Jerry Haikalis, John Hawkhurst, Guy Lindstrom, Marc Paradis, George Papadopoulos and France Portelance. Here are some of them at work.

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