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Art history on the Web

Students in the Faculty of Fine Arts have produced three more Internet sites on Canadian art on contract for Industry Canada.

Canadian Sculpture: Coming of Age, at, and Canadian Sculpture from the Hayward and Brault Collections, at , are the latest of five projects carried out under contract with Canada's Digital Collections, formerly SchoolNet Digital Collections.

Graduate and undergraduate students from Design Art, Digital Image and Sound, Studio Arts, Art Education, Art History and Translation worked together to design and develop the sites, based on information and slides in the Slide Library Research Collections. Each Web site was created by a different team, and each provided a different experience and resulted in a different product.

The first Fine Arts Slide Library Web site was about Montreal teacher and artist Anne Savage, and we told you about it in CTR in October 1998. The second, Art Guido Nincheri/ l'Art de Guido Nincheri, was published online this summer. The URL is .

Nincheri (1885-1973) was one of Canada's most important stained glass masters and church decorators. He opened his glass studio in 1921 on Pie-IX Blvd. in space lent to him by his patrons, Marius and Oscar Dufresne. The studio still exists in the district of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. Nincheri was also responsible for introducing and promoting the technique of buon fresco painting in North America.

Ch‰teau Dufresne, built by the Dufresne brothers in the 1920s and decorated by Nincheri, is the present home of the Atelier d'histoire Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, whose director, Paul Labonne, collaborated on the bilingual Web site project. Labonne has made himself an authority on the subject of Guido Nincheri's life and works.

For more information, please call Linda Bien, Slide Librarian in Charge of Research Collections, at 848-4690, or contact her at

- Barbara Black


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