April 2,1998

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Concordia faculty, staff and alumni/a pop up
in the media a lot more than you might think!

Fran Shaver (Sociology and Anthropology) was on CFCF's Montreal AM in February, talking about the pros and cons of fidelity and monogamy. Alumna and CBC broadcaster Julia Matusky wrote a thoughtful article explaining Shaver's unusual research field, sex workers, for the current issue of the alumni publication, Concordia University Magazine.

Daniel Salée (SCPA) was interviewed several times on CBC's Daybreak about the Supreme Court decision on UDI. So was Guy Lachapelle (Political Science), on the CBC network and on CFCF.

Harold Chorney (Political Science) was on Montreal AM on the referendum court case. He was also interviewed by CJAD's Mark Rennie about 60 Minutes' take on Quebec's language laws, and by CJAD's Tommy Schnurmacher about the role of labour unions.

Jim Gavin (Applied Human Sciences) was on Daybreak in February, talking to Dave Bronstetter about "the new man," and was quoted more recently in a feature in TheGazette about how excessively busy our lives have become.

Henry Habib (Political Science) was on CBC Newsworld's Dayside, local CBC's Radio Noon, and CFCF's Montreal AM, talking about Canada's alignment with the U.S. against Iraq.

Dave Campbell (Sports Medicine Centre) was on CIQC's Morning Drive during the Olympics. As former head therapist at the Atlanta summer Games, he was able to talk knowledgeably about the controversial Ross Rebagliati drug test results. Scott Livingston, strength and conditioning coach in Athletics, was quoted in Jill Barker's column on fitness in TheGazette, on how to approach weight-lifting.

Taylor Buckner (Sociology and Anthropology, retired) was on CJAD, talking to Yvan Huneault about whether the police, city workers and firefighters have the right to walk off the job.

David Leahy (English) took part in a CBC Radio quiz on This Morning, called the Great Canadian Novel Challenge.

Rebecca Aldworth, president of the Concordia Students Union, wore very little to demonstrate her opposition to The Bay's sale of fur coats. That got her photo in the Ottawa newspapers, La Presse and an interview on CJAD. She was also interviewed by several broadcasters about the new Millennium Scholarship Fund.

Robert Soroka (Marketing) was on Montreal AM, on the subject of megastores like Club Price, and whether they really save us money.

Mary Arconi (Art Therapy) was interviewed by Augusta LaPaix on CBC's Home Run. She talked about how devastating it is for a child to lose his or her mother.

Abolhassan Jalilvand (Finance) was on the Mark Rennie Show (CJAD), talking about world markets and the Canadian budget.

Marie-France Turcotte (Management) was interviewed for CBC Newswatch about making money with a clear conscience.

Myrna Reis (Psychology) was interviewed on Global TV about elder abuse, after a 66-year-old Montreal man was rescued from an abusive couple.

Arthur Kroker (Political Science) was on Newsworld's Futureworld, talking about the "virtual elite" and television.

The Rendez-Vous de Cinéma Québécois gave prizes for films recently, The Gazette reported, and the winners included two Concordia Cinema alumni, Nelson Henricks, who won $2,000 for his short video, Crush, and Joe Balass, who won best video documentary for Nana, George et Moi.

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