April 2,1998

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David Smaller elected CSU president

David Smaller,
an articulate environmentalist and crusader for low tuition fees, won a decisive victory in the March 24 to 26 Concordia Student Union (CSU) elections.

He won 505 of the 1,679 votes cast, well ahead of his closest rival, Imad El-Zallat. This year, Smaller is vice-president external of the CSU. He promised that as president, he will push for more student representation in the running of the university.

In 1995-96, he was the Recycling Coordinator, and brought in a number of innovations, including a vermicomposting program to deal with organic waste from the cafeterias.
(See photo at right)

A seasoned organizer, Smaller was active in setting up the Canadian Federation of Students Day of Action demonstration in Montreal on February 12, and coordinated the CSU's successful $120,000 grant application to the city for an environmental action and resource centre. He has also been active with the CRSG student radio station and the Concordia Student Safety Patrol.

In the referendum component of the CSU elections, students once again expressed their support for the Greening of Mackay project. A majority of students also voted in favour of joining the Canadian Federation of Students, which will cost them about $6.25 per semester.

In the elections for Arts and Science Council, only eight out of 16 candidates were elected, and 200 voters voted against every candidate.

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