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This mysterious emblem is found on the door of a Concordia building. What does it mean, and why is it particularly fitting that some famous politicians passed through this doorway?


School saw some dinner-table diplomacy


The "CS" on the glass inner door (seen above) stands for Chez Stein. Now the home of Concordia's School of Community and Public Affairs, this building at 2149 Mackay St. was once a popular Montreal restaurant.

Perry Calce, assistant to the principal of the SCPA, was reading, as he often does, a book about Quebec political history. It mentioned that three leading politicians of the past generation, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Jean Marchand and Gˇrard Pelletier -- known as the Trois Colombes -- were once invited to an important meeting at Chez Stein by a fourth star politician, Renˇ Lˇvesque.

From the context, Calce realized that Chez Stein must have been on Mackay St., and the penny dropped -- so that's what those letters on the front door mean.

Calce finds it appropriate that the SCPA, which prepares bright young people for careers in government, business and the social services, should be housed in a building with some real-life political history.


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