Hellenic scholarships

Hellenic prizeGrigoria Mavrogeorgis, a third-year student in Concordia's Department of Biochemistry, receives the $1,000 A. Diamantopoulos Scholarship from Professor Dimitris Argyropoulos of McGill University. The 10th annual scholarship awards ceremony was held by the Hellenic Scholarships Foundation on February 4.

Mavrogeorgis was one of six students of Greek origin who received scholarships based on academic excellence. Two of them were Concordia alumni: Kiriakos Katakos, a PhD student in ancient Greek philosophy at Université Laval, and Helen Theodorakopoulos, an MA student in educational psychology at McGill.

The event, hosted by the Concordia-UQAM Chair in Ethnic Studies in Concordia's downtown Faculty Club, was attended by Professors Balbir Sahni (Director of Concordia's Centre for International Academic Co-operation), Dennis Murphy (Vice-Dean, External Affairs, Arts and Science), and Efie Gavaki (Sociology and Anthropology). The academic committee who chose the recipients included two professors from Concordia, A. Anastasopoulos (Economics) and Nikos Metallinos (Communication Studies).

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